William and Leslie Reising
Website review 10/24/2023

SLS completely remodeled(reconstructed) our golf course home. They followed our wishes completely and suggested many great improvements!

Ben Stolze
Google review 10/24/2023

Jeff Stolze
Google review 10/24/2023

Kelly Fee
Google review 10/24/2023

Sydney Stolze
Google review 10/24/2023

kelley stolze
Google review 10/24/2023

Have you seen SLS's new design studio? come by to check it out!

Krista Jabri
Google review 8/3/2023

SLS redid our icky old bathroom into a palace. It literally steals the breath of everyone who walks in for the first time. Not only did they design a spectacular bedroom and bathroom upgrade, they managed all of the subs, got everything done on time despite a few (out of their control) issues that cropped up, and caused as little disruption to our home and life as one can with a major remodel happening. I gave birth during the construction process and Randall, Jen, David, Kelley, and the whole crew were so kind and caring through the whole experience. Randall and David went above and beyond to check daily that the subs had cleaned up and that my little ones weren’t running through any construction mess. The quality of work is beyond our expectations and we would use the same subs for any job in the future. SLS will get all of our remodel business for the rest of time. Hire them, you won’t regret it.

Wes & Robin Freadman
Website review 5/22/2023

We worked with SLS to design a mother-in-law quarter for my mother in our home. From design to finish SLS exceeded our expectations. The team was thoughtful and caring regarding our intentions to create a beautiful, spacious, accessible and homey addition for my mother. This was a large addition to our home, but the team jumped in and provided excellent care, thoughtfulness and clear communication. I especially appreciated the weekly "check in meetings". These meetings were very brief maybe 30 minutes, but it helped us, the homeowner, know what to expect the coming week and what to be prepared for. The SLS team provided excellent care for all of us, most importantly my mother, whom this project was indented for. She loves her new space. It has wonderful amenities, ADA accessible and even an elevator! Thank you SLS team you ALL are amazing!!

Joy Heredos
Website review 5/20/2023

SLS is great! We had a hot water line leak in our guest bathroom that caused water damage to that bathroom and some surrounding areas. SLS was great to work with from scoping out the project to completion. They were realistic with all phases and managed our expectations throughout the project. It all looks great and we're very happy customers.

Bob and Judy Nix
Website review 4/13/2023

SLS did a first floor master suite addition for our home, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The entire process from design to finished product was seamless. Everyone we worked with provided excellent customer service, and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend SLS for your construction needs.

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